No PS3 price cut this year

SCEE president David Reeves has rued out any move to drop the price of PlayStation 3 hardware this year.

There is no price cut,” he told VG247.

When press on specifically on whether or not there would be a PS3 price cut in 2008, Reeves reiterated, No,” adding, We’re not going to drop the price this year.”

Reeves said that price was less of a factor in the uptake of the console than good software.

And I think it’s the games for Nintendo [too], he added. I think whatever price they’re at, I think it’s the games that have really, really driven it.

We started off at the beginning of the year with GT5 Prologue, then we went to GTA IV, then Metal Gear Solid. There’ll be LittleBigPlanet, and then we move onto PES and FIFA and all those.

We’re on rails, and I think that those games are going to drive it.”

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