No ‘special’ PS Move accessory for BioShock Infinite

UPDATE: There will not be any specially made PlayStation Move peripherals produced for BioShock Infinite, MCV can reveal.

A spokesperson on behalf of Irrational Games told MCV that stories about the supposed accessory are ‘confused’, as was the statement on the PlayStation website.

Previous story in full below:

2K Games’ BioShock Infinite will be compatible with a specially made PlayStation Move peripheral when it hits shelves next year.

VideoGamer reports the announcement was buried at the bottom of a PlayStation Move article on the PlayStation website. The statement has since been removed.

It read: A special PS Move peripheral is being produced that will draw you even deeper into this stunning vision of a parallel future.”

Developer Irrational Games previously confirmed that BioShock Infinite will be compatible with the PlayStation Move motion controllers.

Creative director Ken Levine said earlier this year: Once we got past the initial anxiety about how our game would translate to Move, we started to see other ways that we could use it to interact with the world and Elizabeth. We’re just starting to get our head around what that can mean."

BioShock Infinite is the third full game in the popular atmospheric FPS series BioShock. Instead of being set underwater, it is set in a city in the sky. It will arrive on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC next year.

Previous Move accessories include Sony’s gun attachment which is compatible with games such as Killzone 3.

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