No Tekken 3DS stock at GAME

3DS owners hoping to buy a copy of new release Tekken 3DS Prime Edition will not be able to purchase it from GAME or Gamestation.

Eurogamer has confirmation of the no-show from the retailer.

Although no official reason for the issue has been given by either GAME or the title’s UK distributor Nintendo, it is believed that it is likely down to ongoing supply negotiations between the retailer and its distribution partners.

GAME was saved from disaster earlier this month when it entered into new agreements with lenders so as to ease the requirements of its credit agreements.

A number of key execs from UK publishing have vocally backed the chain, recognising its importance to the health of the wider industry.

However, with supply arrangements now being negotiated on a title-by-title basis, it is likely that there will be isolated issues with certain games for the foreseeable future.

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