Now Namco Bandai adopts single-save 3DS games

A month after Capcom found itself in the limelight over its decision to prevent gamers erasing game information from 3DS title Resident Evil: Mercenaries, Namco Bandai has seemingly opted to pursue the same strategy.

Now Wired reports that Namco Bandai’s upcoming 3DS title Pac Man & Galaga Dimensions will also feature a single save system, with no ability to delete high scores of game unlocks.

Last month it was discovered that Capcom’s Resident Evil title doesn’t allow for the wiping of game data. A consequence of this is that when sold pre-owned, all copies of the game will still have the progress and achievements of the previous owner stored on the cartridge.

The fallout from this was retailer HMV saying that it would not be accepting traded-in copies of the game. And although other retailers didn’t follow suit, it certainly left an air of unease with consumers.

The implication – and one that Capcom has always strongly denied – is that publishers see the strategy as a way of negatively impacting the pre-owned market surrounding their 3DS titles.

Other 3DS games to incorporate this save design include Sega’s Super Monkey Ball 3D.

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