NPD: Mario Galaxy 2 passes 1m

Nintendo’s critically adored platformer Super Mario Galaxy 2 is matching its warm reception from critics with an equally warm reception from consumers, having now sold over 1m units in the US.

The game sold 548k units in June, brining lifetime sales in the territory to 1.1m. Six of the US June Top Ten games were for either Wii or DS.

In the hardware stakes the Wii actually managed to improve hardware sales year-on-year, reaching 422.5k. In June 2009 that total was just 361k. It was a different story for DS, though, whose hardware sales of 510.7k were significantly less than the 766.5k sold in the same month last year.

Total Nintendo hardware sales for the month hit 933.2k, accounting for 50 per cent of the US total.

Consumers continue to look to Nintendo for exceptional value and one-of-a-kind gaming experiences,” Nintendo of America’s Cammie Dunaway stated.

Between games like Super Mario Galaxy 2, the pioneering motion controls of the Wii system and the portable fun of Nintendo DS systems, Nintendo offers something for everyone.

As we prepare to launch a remarkable lineup of new games in the second half of the year, we are grateful that consumers are supporting Nintendo consoles to continue their run as the nation’s most popular game systems.”

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