Just Add Water in talks with 'two or three' companies about releasing Stranger's Wrath on XBLA

OddWorld developer searching for XBLA publisher

OddWorld Developer Just Add Water is searching for a third-party publisher to release Stranger’s Wrath on XBLA, it has revealed.

Speaking to VG247, studio boss Stewart Gilray said that the developer had exhausted the possibility of getting the game published by Microsoft or doing it themselves.

“We’ve basically run everything dry in terms of going some kind of first-party route with Microsoft, be it them publishing it or be it us publishing it ourselves, so we’re now having to go down the third-party route,” said Gilray.

“We’re speaking to two or three different publishers at the moment about taking it on for us. I think we’ll probably have some news on that by Easter, I hope.”

He added that the outlook for getting a new publisher was promising, stating that the studio has a meeting with Microsoft scheduled in the coming week to talk with a potential suitor.

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath released on the PSN last December, but has had a more difficult time reaching the Xbox Live store, with the developer struggling to undercut the service’s compulsory 2gb file limit.

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