New UK boss talks up the potential of service partnerships

OnLive open to PlayStation and Xbox integration

OnLive appears eager to end its direct competition with the established home consoles, with one of the company’s executives openly encouraging Sony and Microsoft to incorporate the cloud game tech.

Bruce Grove, OnLive’s newly appointed general manager for the UK, said the company is willing to talk about provide cloud gaming technologies on both PlayStation and Xbox.

"If they decide they want to use our technology, that would be a great discussion because we’ve already got the infrastructure," he told Eurogamer.

"We know how to do it. There are a lot of things we could bring to the table and they could bring to the table. It would certainly be a discussion we would love to have. It would be very interesting.”

But Grove appeared less interested in OnLive being outright acquired by Sony and Microsoft, but instead provide a branded service for either company.

“For us, it broadens our market,” he said.

“Look at in the same way the Xbox is becoming a media hub. It’s becoming more than just a game system. OnLive is a service that could quite easily work through their service and would work quite nicely, to be honest."

During OnLive’s launch across the US, the firm had positioned itself as a direct rival to Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft, promising a service that supersedes what consoles offer.

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