Ouya strikes 10,000 developer partnerships

Kickstarter-funded Android console Ouya has signed 10,000 developers worldwide.

Ouya’s head of developer relations Kelle Santiago revealed the milestone to Games Industry, with the news coming just a month after CEO Julie Uhrman confirmed at GDC that the console had already signed on 8,000 devs.

"It’s really awesome, especially at this early stage of the console still being in the preview period,” Santiago said. The last month I’ve been so excited to just interact with the Ouya developers who are really people who signed on to the mission statement of Ouya early on and are the people who are just as excited as we are about the platform. It’s been great to hear and that the number continues to grow at such a rapid pace is very validating.”

Santiago also addressed the early criticism the hardware has been under, stating that it’s to be expected in the early going as the developers experiment for the first time with the console’s dev kits. She then mentioned that partnerships with bigger developers and publishers are set to be revealed in the coming months.

"I think a lot of the developers have appropriately approached this early phase in getting their dev kits with just playing around and experimenting with the platform, so what you see on the store today are a number of sort of raw experiments, which I think is really cool that you can have a console that has such raw material on it, but we are also seeing more just genuinely fun and polished experiences. Partnerships with larger developers and publishers will be coming up in the next few months.”

Ouya is scheduled to hit retail in North America and the UK on June 4th, but will lack certain online features at launch.

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