Developer support is second largest team at microconsole firm

Ouya wins over 1,000 new developers every month

Crowd-funded microconsole Ouya continues to attract new developers – around 1,000 a month according to CEO Julie Uhrman.

Speaking to Polygon at E3 last week, Uhrman said her company is working hard on encouraging studios to develop for the device, even expanding on its developer relations team. 

This department is now the second biggest team at Ouya, and offers technical assistance with 12 third-party development tools.

Uhrman claims that 36,000 developers are now working on games for the microconsole, 54 per cent of which live outside the United States. Ouya currently has a library of 825 games.

"The initial launch of Ouya was focused on newcomers to the independent development scene," she said. "What we’ve really been focused on for the last three to six months is extending the platform to up and coming, new developers: those that are inspired to build a game but have never figured out how to, and even those that already know how.

"Close to 1,000 developers sign up every month. The breadth and type of content continues to expand."

The CEO added that she is happy to see Ouya developers take their titles to other platforms and succeed there, such as PC and PS4 title Towerfall.

"Some of our developers have gone on to other platforms and seen great success," she said. "We thank that’s a huge win. We help them refine their game, find their audience and community and then they can continue to grow with the community to other platforms. It’s a gigantic win."

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