Co-founder of Blitz Games Studios says that screen-specific 3D tech is ideal for the 3DS

‘Parallax 3D tech will transform handheld gaming’

Blitz Games Studios CTO Andrew Oliver believes that Nintendo would be right to use parallax Barrier tech for its new handheld, the 3DS.

Speaking to Develop, the industry veteran said he was “very excited” that Nintendo is working on a new 3D handheld.

Unlike other 3D technologies, parallax barrier displays do not require glasses, and can switch between 2D and 3D perspectives. However, the tech is not ideal for living room televisions because its screens can only be used for one viewer looking at the screen from a certain position.

The theory goes, then, that a handheld is perfectly suited for parallax barrier tech.

“It doesn’t matter about how the screen is tilted as the zone is horizontal only, and can be viewed very well for all vertical angles,” said Oliver.

“All of this makes it the ideal technology for a handheld, and it has already been brought to market with the Fuju 3D camera.

“If people are designing for 3D for a very specific screen then it should look amazing and take handheld gaming literally into a new dimension.

“3D has had a rocky ride and people are often sceptical of whether it will work and be comfortable to watch. James Cameron has proven without doubt that consumers love 3D and it can be amazing and comfortable experience, even for three hours at a time.”

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