Petition calls for subtitle clarification on Steam listings

Valve is being urged to state whether subtitles are included in any given title on its listings page.

The issue is being pressed by Manchester’s Kristina Barber, who herself has suffered from severe hearing loss for the past seven years. Krissy, whose Steam collection numbers over 700 games, told MCV that having recently purchased a title only to discover that it doesn’t feature subtitles – thus rendering it largely unplayable – she decided to start an official campaign.

I am starting this petition as I want to take action, I don’t think in this day and age that I’m asking much to know if I can play a game or not,” her petition reads.

It would not only be people with a hearing loss that benefit from this feature but those who speak other languages or struggle with peoples accents in games. Even a lot perfect hearing gamers I come across seem to like using subtitles on their games.

If DVD’s bother to let us know if a DVD is subtitled or not then why not games?”

The petition can be seen and registered for here. There’s also an official Steam Group for the campaign.

MCV has contacted Valve for an official response.

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