Pink 3DS, Monster Hunter 4 confirmed

3DS platform holder Nintendo used a pre-Tokyo Game Show event last night to reveal a host of the new announcements for its new handheld.

As if often the way when a company wants to inject a bit of retail life into a console, Nintendo revealed a new colour for its machine – specifically, ‘Misty Pink’. That has a release date of October 20th in Japan.

President Saturo Iwata says the colour was selected to encourage female buyers, as currently the 3DS has a lower female ownership percentage than other Nintendo machines.

Perhaps of larger importance is the confirmation that Capcom is to release Monster Hunter 4 on 3DS. Though its still establishing itself in the West, the Monster Hunter IP is arguably the single most important gaming brand in Japan at the moment, and will undoubtedly sell thousands of 3DS units to Japanese consumers.

Monster Hunter 3DS had already been confirmed for the device, which is due out on December 10th.

Nintendo had its own new titles to announce, too – Mario Tennis, which is due out on 3DS some time in 2012. Animal Crossing and Kid Icarus will both be out in 2012, too.

Also announced was a brand new 3DS Fire Emblem title, while Namco Bandai revealed SD Gundam.

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