Boss of Vanquish studio determined to conquer Sonyâ??s flagship console

Platinum Games: PS3 know-how vital for survival

Osaka-based studio Platinum Games believes it needs to tackle PS3 development head-on for the greater good of the studio – a key reason why new release Vanquish was built with Sony’s home console as lead development platform.

After Platinum Games delegated PS3 responsibilities of Bayonetta to Nex Entertainment, the studio faced internet-scale uproar as both editions of the game weren’t unerringly similar in visuals.

“We only created the Xbox 360 version of Bayonetta, as you know, and I am aware of the negative comments the PS3 edition received,” Platinum Games executive producer Atsushi Inaba told Develop.

“We’re not particularly experienced on PlayStation 3, but it’s always important to not make compromise – not to limit yourself and settle for what you have,” he added.

“As a studio, I felt we needed to develop substantial know-how of PS3 development, in order to survive in the market. That was the main reason why we chose PS3 as the lead platform.”

The fruits of Platinum Games’ labour is on sale today, and Inaba is confident both editions, when they are inevitably compared under forensic scrutiny, won’t stir controversy.

It wasn’t always so straightforward for the studio, he adds.

“We [developed] the initial prototypes of Vanquish on PC, just to set a sort of standard bar. When we ported that to PS3, we only had it running at about three frames per second,” Inaba revealed.

“That was really hard to improve on, but we didn’t give up, we worked very hard to keep up with the level of expectation the game has.”

Develop’s interview with Atsushi Inaba can be found here

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