Develop '09: And 80% of those who try Sonyâ??s social hub are â??young malesâ??

PlayStation Home return rate under 30%

It suffered delays and continues to battle off scepticism, but PlayStation Home’s user base of 7m is certainly not be sniffed at – but new numbers from Sony suggest that few are continuing to use the service.

Speaking at the Develop Conference, Sony’ Peter Edwards revealed that the return rate for PlayStation Home stands somewhere between 25-30 per cent, meaning that over 70 per cent of those who download and try the service do not return for a second time.

At any given moment ‘several thousand’ users are said to be online and wondering in Sony’s virtual space.

In addition, whilst Home has been dubbed as a vital spoke in Sony’s casual hub, 80 per cent of its users are described as ‘young males’. Nonetheless, over six million items of virtual furniture and clothing has been downloaded from the service and Sony is certainly making money from it.

And with major publishers lining up to get wares from their latest titles inserted into the virtual world, there’s still plenty of scope for Home to emerge as a Sony success story.

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