Pokemon getting rebooted

Few series have deviated as little from their original formula as Pokemon, but it seems that the time has now come for a fresh approach to the globally huge IP.

The Nintendo-affiliated Pokemon Company in Japan has announced on its website, as spotted by Kotaku, that an entirely new series is currently in development. It will feature new monsters, new gameplay functions and brand new features.

Other than that, nothing is known, though the new game is due to be released on DS in Japan later this year.

The Pokemon series currently has three main strands – the core RPG series (the most recent of which was HeartGold/SoulSilver, the Ranger spin-off and the Mystery Dungeon series.

On top of that a host of one-off and often quirky titles have been released over the years including the likes of Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Channel and Pokemon Colosseum.

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