Pokemon Go has lost around 15m daily users

The number of people playing Pokemon Go every day has dropped by around 35 per cent from the game’s peak.

Bloomberg reports that Axiom Capital Mangement data shows that daily active users peaked at around 44m in the middle of July. A month later that had dropped to around 29m.

Axiom analyst Victor Anthony concludes from this that "the declining trends should assuage investor concerns about the impact of Pokmon Go on time spent on [other apps]” and even that "the data is already showing declining interest in augmented reality, whereas interest in virtual reality remains high".

It would strike us, however, that of course Pokemon Go DAUs were going to drop off after the tremendous surge that accompanied the almost unprecedented hype. It would also seem that 29m DAUs almost two months after launch is actually really good.

It’s also really tough to try and discern wider trends regarding AR and VR from this data. Anyone care to point us in the direction of a VR title with 29m DAUs?

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