Pokemon Go update locks out rooted and jailbroken smartphones

Many players who had invested cash into Pokemon Go have suddenly found themselves locked out of the game after its latest update.

Niantic had warned users that the game’s 0.37.0 update would end the game’s support for rooted and jailbroken phones – those are devices that have had their basic software altered, typically to allow for greater customisation, to strip them of pre-installed software or in some instances run pirated or unlicensed software.

Niantic has said it is doing this in an effort to curb cheating and increase app security.

Applicable handsets now display the following message when trying to boot the game: "This device, OS, or software is not compatible with Pokmon Go."

Despite the warning, many of those affected are unhappy with the change, feeling it unfair that the game was allowed to previously work with said handsets. Numerous forum threads are now calling for users to demand refunds for IAP purchases.

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