Denki's 'speaky talky blokey' on Dundee's digital toy maker

Profile: Scotland’s Denki

Year founded: 2000

Headcount: 22

Key staff:

Colin Anderson (Boss)
Gary Penn (Chief Games Boffin)
David Thomson (#1 Fan)
Jaecinta Needs (Backbone of Denki)
Richard Ralfe (Master Tactician)

Previous projects:
From interactive TV to GBA and Xbox 360

Currently working on:
Quarrel (XBLA), plus hotly tipped, yet unannounced Wii game

Denki is a digital toy factory. We make digital toys.

The last nine years have confirmed our initial suspicion that fun is the heart of everything. So we make toys. We put them in games. We concentrate on making everything fun, because if it’s not all fun and games, then it’s probably work. And none of us wanted to join the ‘work industry’.

Denki likes all platforms and pretty much all sorts of different genres, because they all offer something different. We like discovering new things. We’re nosey and have to try everything as soon as it appears, because you never know where inspiration will strike.

We’re all about the originality thing too. We’ve created lots of branded and licensed games over the years – and had a great time doing it – but we enjoy delivering brand new types of fun to the world whenever the opportunity presents itself. If only to quieten the voices in Gary’s head and let the poor guy get some peace.

So we’re currently building some brand new toys, and lovingly creating original games to wrap around them to ensure we get the most fun from them; for all sorts of different platforms. Most importantly, they all embody the Denki Difference. The Denki Difference are the key factors which make a game ‘Denki’: Drama, Feel, Convenience, Life and Twist. If it doesn’t have these, it’s not ready.

Denki likes: filling a ball pit with strawberry bubble wrap, electric rainbows which play popular melodies, undiscovered board games, liquorice bootlaces, giant striding robots which hand out candy floss, and kittens – clockwork kittens, which once every hour raise their whiskers to the sky and fire a gonk through a hoop. We’re in favour of armed insurrection with water pistols, competitive pick ‘n’ mix and Jacuzzis full of hot squash. Oh and constraints. We think constraints can make things better. And tea. Tea makes things better as well.

Denki is an 8-bit sunrise over the post-apocalyptic wasteland of ‘proper’ games. We’re serious, too. If it’s not all fun and games, then it’s not really games at all, is it Denki. We’re not like the others.

Denki Towers
9 West Bell St
DD1 1HG.
T: +44 (0) 1382 308645

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