New Sony peripheral devs seek to reinvent one of the most popular genres in gaming

PS Move â??offers huge change to the shooter genreâ??

Elliot Martin, producer of the upcoming Move-ready SOCOM title, has told Develop he believes the new peripheral will bring about “huge change” to the shooter genre.

“With the Move controller what it allows us to do with SOCOM is have the player basically point at enemies on screen with Move as if they were aiming with a real gun in their hand,” he said.

“It’s a huge change to the genre because rather than having to move the camera, you can just point and shoot. I think Move is going to make that style of game a lot more accessible to a lot more people.”

Speaking exclusively to Develop in an interview with several of Move’s starting developers, Martin also described the process of creating a ‘hardcore’ FPS with what are generally thought of as casual controls.

“We were hesitant because we thought a new control system meant that we would completely have to redesign the game. Actually, the basic implementation was up and running in a matter of just a few hours,” he said.

“Not only did it work, but it was immediately very intuitive, and it didn’t require any great change of mindset. It was very easy to pick up and play.”

The full interview can be read here.

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