PS3 ad banned in UK

The Advertising Standards Authority has banned a Sony PS3 internet advert in the UK, reported Life Style Extra.

The organisation said that the advert "could be deemed to condone or glamorize violence or anti-social behaviour.”

After forcing it to be withdrawn, the ASA issued Sony with a warning regarding its future conduct.

The adverts, which followed a murderous character called Kovac, ran with the text: You on my side? Listen up I’ve killed for less. The music plays Puccini in my head.”

In total 23 complaints were made against the cross medium campaign – however they were only upheld against the internet adverts.

The ASA said: We considered that there was an underlying tone of violence in the ad and we were concerned that the images of Kovac holding the knife and the gun, in conjunction with the text, ‘you on my side? Listen up, I’ve killed for less…’ could be seen to glamorize violence or anti-social behaviour. We asked Sony to amend future internet ads where the content could be seen to glamorize violence or anti-social behaviour.”

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