E3'09: New handheld device works with PlayStation Eye to track gamers' movement; Coming spring 2010

PS3 motion control confirmed

Sony has joined Microsoft in launching its own motion-sensing controller at E3 – a wand-like device for PS3 which will hit stores in spring 2010.

And despite Jack Tretton’s on-stage claim that the news hadn’t been leaked, it had – by MCV.

The prototype of the unnamed device was demo’d live on-stage by its creators. The stick-like pad – which has a ‘magic ball’ on the end – is held in the gamer’s hand, and then picked up by the PlayStation Eye.

SCEA boss Jack Tretton called it: "Technology that’s much closer to real life than anything you’ve ever seen."

Creators Dr Richard Marx and Dr Antony Mikhaeloff took to the stage to show the device off.

"This far suprasses anything you can get on the market now," said Marx. "We’ve been hard at work on this for a few years. It’s a new set of experiences for PS3.

"It’s most distinctinve feature is the glowing eye that the PS Eye can track. When you’re playing RPG, for an example, you can choose fireball, and you throw to cast spell."

The pair also used the device on a drawing programme and said it could be used in genres such as FPS and sports.

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