Rental service not intended to arrive within the PSPgo launch window

PSP game rentals â??not imminentâ??

Sony has put the infrastructure in place for game rentals on the PSP and PSPgo, but no clear timeline is set for the arrival of the service.

Develop understands that, while PSP game rentals are being considered, no plans are set in stone. There is still a chance the service will not arrive.

However, Sony is not adverse to the concept of offering a digital rentals.

The firm will soon launch its video download service across the EU PlayStation Store mid-November, where customers will be allowed to rent as well as buy movies digitally.

Rumours of PSP game rentals first surfaced back in May, though Develop revealed that various studios had been briefed on the service – behind closed doors – at GDC back in March.

Sony has declined to comment.

The speculation surrounding PSP rentals follows a promising week for the PlayStation digital business. The launch of the PSPgo – as well as Minis and a renewed PS3 push – has led to record weekly revenue and download figures on Sony’s digital storefront.

Speculation on PSP game rentals re-emerged recently when it was discovered that digital PSP games show expiration dates in their information pages.

In May this year Sony released a private consumer survey that asked participants if they had interest in a game subscription service.

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