Bite-sized PSP games get feature cuts to allow â??3-5 day QA processâ?

PSP Minis cuts DLC and multiplayer for â??faster QAâ??

The quality assurance process for PSP Minis will typically finish in three to five days, according to Sony.

However, the platform holder admitted that PSP Minis have been stripped of wireless multiplayer and DLC features to “accelerate the approval process."

“If we’re going to reduce the time it takes to get through our internal process, it helps that we don’t have to check multiplayer features," said SCEA’s Snr account manager Justin Cooney, speaking to Gamasutra at GDC Austin.

"When you look at it from a testing perspective, you have to do more QA. [Allowing those features] would defeat the purpose of having a dedicated service for smaller content. It increases the barriers," he said.

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