Australian indie outfit joins Sony's Minis movement with four new titles

PSP Minis sees 4 new Halfbrick games

PSPgo Mini-game announcements continue to surface, as the Australian indie outfit Halfbrick reveals it is developing four separate titles for Sony’s new service.

Halfbrick Blast Off, Halfbrick Echoes, Halfbrick Zombies and Halfbrick Rocket Racing will all soon appear on Sony’s upcoming handheld, the PSPgo.

The Sony Minis scheme was announced during the 2009 Gamescom event in Cologne. The initiative offers a wide scope of developers the chance to make sub-100MB games for the new PSP system.

For game studios, a key draw of Sony Minis is how they can be sold at significantly lower prices than, say, a PS3 game. Available only for the PSPgo, Mini-games will sell for prices that are comparable to iPhone Apps.

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