New images back ongoing rumours of a Sony Ericsson PlayStation

‘PSP Phone’ images leak out [Update]

[Update: Sony’s line to Develop is that it "does not comment on runour and speculation". However, one spokesperson broke protocol by telling Now Gamer the images are "fake"]

Rumours of a PlayStation phone have been around as long as the PSP itself and now out of the blue pictures of an apparent PlayStation mobile phone have appeared online – see the larger image below.

Engadget is assuring its readers that the pictured device is very real and is “headed to the market soon”. As has been previously suggested, the machine runs Google’s Android operating system and also supports a custom Sony Marketplace from which games can be purchased.

Technically it boasts a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 chip, which is a faster variant of one found in other Android phones such as the G2, as well as 512MB RAM and 1GB or ROM memory. The screen is around four inches wide.

The full story can be found over at MCV

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