Studioâ??s new physics-based racing game heading for Nintendoâ??s online channel

RedLynx adds WiiWare in digital plan

Finland based developer RedLynx is dipping its toes in Nintendo’s digital service, WiiWare.

The developer – which won fame for its XBLA stunt title, Trials HD – is building a similar side-scrolling physics-based racer for Nintendo’s flagship home console.

The new game, entitled MotoHeroz, will feature daily online competitions as well local multiplayer.

“With this game, we are taking our expertise in downloadable content, addictive gameplay, and the racing genre, and adapting it to the strengths of the Wii," said Antti Ilvessuo, creative director of RedLynx.

“The result is a unique, appealing game that combines racing game thrills with platformer charm,” he added.

Tero Virtala, the CEO of RedLynx said MotoHeroz is “expanding the number of retail quality releases to online marketplaces.”

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