Reggie: Move feels like Wii-too

Averting any danger that an hour might pass without one platform holder slating another in the press, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has once again mocked the Sony’s Move motion controller for its obvious similarities to Nintendo’s own technology.

Interestingly, the exec was less scathing about Natal – though did question the tech giants’ capacity to ensure its new technology can deliver for consumers.

Looking at what PlayStation is doing, it feels very ‘Wii-too’”, he told the LA Times.

In terms of Microsoft, we’ll see when they actually show off their software. I think our competitors will be challenged in a number of ways: bringing fun experiences to life, because in the end that’s what the consumer wants.

Reggie went on to once again question the belief that gamers will see Move and Natal as a potential upgrade from their Wiis.

Our competitors will be challenged on providing the great value we have always provided. Our consumers have a system that they love. Is that consumer suddenly going to stop and go do something else?”

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