Religious Guitar Hero announced

A Christian clone of Guitar Hero is set to be launched in the US.

Guitar Praise is not affiliated with the original Activision game, and allows the PC/Mac game owners to jam with Christian rock acts rather than mainstream bands.

The title is advertised on the website of creator Digital Praise, where you can find a list of songs involved. he company says its mission is to ‘glorify God through interactive media’.

The site reads: "Grab the guitar and play along with top Christian bands! Shred those riffs or blast the bass…you add a unique sound to the solid Christian rock… you’ll soon be rockin’ with the best while praising the Lord!

It adds: "As the song and lyrics play, colorful notes scroll down the screen. Players must keep up by matching the notes to the fret buttons on the guitar controller included with the game.

"Four levels of play are offered—as the player completes songs, more tracks are unlocked and the challenge increases. Guitar Praise features 52 of the most inspirational and pulsating tracks from the Christian rock world, all by the original artists."

The game is set to retail for around $99 from September.

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