Microsoft's next-gen console will allow consumers to play used games, claims report

Report: Durango will not require connection to play games

The next Xbox will have always-online functionality, but this will not be required to play games, according to a report.

VGLeaks, which as previously disclosed the specs of the PS4 and Durango, has claimed that previous rumours had largely been correct about the console’s reliance on a constant internet, but that it is not required to play local content.

The report also downplayed rumours that the next Xbox could lock out the second-hand market through the use of activation codes on full installs, by stating users will be able to play used games.

A plethora of rumours have circulated that the next Xbox will require a constant internet connection, and it has been suggested that the console would stop all programs after a few minutes if a connection was lost.

VGLeaks said that the confusion likely came from a new smaller Xbox unit being built to compete with the Apple TV, that will provide XBLA and Xbox 360 game support. This hardware will likely have no disc drive, and will require a constant internet connection to offer full functionality.

This mini Xbox will also be networked with the Durango to provide backward-compatibility, and is said to be priced around $149 or lower.

It was also claimed that Microsoft’s anticipated April unveiling of the new Xbox was delayed while it prepares physical hardware to show in May or June.

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