Resi Evil clear for pre-owned market

Capcom has told MCV that the second hand trade-in value of 3DS title Resident Evil: The Mercenaries will not be dented by the game’s strict data management options.

As spotted by TinyCartridge, the game will not allow users to reset their game save data. The blog speculates that the move could be an anti-pre-owned measure as second hand games would not allow users to start over.

While Capcom isn’t yet able to comment on the pre-owned prevention claims, it has confirmed that gamers’ ability to trade-in the game will not be affected.

"The game’s value at second hand in the UK is not affected by whether or not the game can have its data reset," a Capcom spokesperson told MCV.

"Customers in the UK will not experience a reduced second-hand value should they wish to trade in their purchase."

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries will be released in the UK on July 1st.

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