Resi heads to Africa

In an interview with Japanese consumer games mag Famitsu translated by


, Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi has unveiled some new details about Capcom’s hugely anticipated upcoming next-gen survival-horror title.

Taking place in what appears to be an African setting, Resi 5’s zombies will once again depart from the traditional plodding-and-brain-eating variety so typical in the genre. In fact, the new in-game enemies look to be even more advanced than the Latino psychopaths seen in Resident Evil 4.

Gameplay will also mirror Resi 4’s over-the-shoulder perspective, though Takeuchi claims that will be an important alternation to the control scheme that he labels as ‘an obvious step in the series evolution’ – possibly an indication that strafing (side-stepping) could be about to debut in the franchise.

In other in-game news, light is to be an even more important element, forcing players to factor in the time it takes for their eyes to adjust to entering a dark building after being outside.

Also promised is an appearance from a female character who will be familiar to fans of the series – and it’s said that she will play an important part in both the narrative and the gameplay.

With no firm release date in place, an early 2008 release is still anticipated.

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