Riccitiello: Console transition is over

John Riccitiello, the

increasingly talkative

CEO of the now

second biggest games publisher

in the world EA, has said that he believes the

huge sales

enjoyed by

all three

next-gen games consoles in the US through Thanksgiving proves that the transition to the next generation of consoles is now over.

Reuters reports Riccitiello as stating: "It’s been the longest, hardest transition in the history of the industry. Thanksgiving marked one of those points where you can say something’s changed. Around the world, based on the data I’ve got, it was pretty clear that the transition is now over."

He also went on to add that PS3’s increasing momentum means that Sony’s machine is most definitely still in the running, stating:

"It looked like it might have been a two-horse race, but it’s clearly a three-horse race. I think from this point, pleasantly for me, it’s sort of fat city in the game industry."

He went on to predict that the three next-gen consoles would hit the 200 million sales mark between them by 2013.

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