Rising Star calls for lower prices

The industry must develop new ways to generate revenue from video games, says Rising Star boss Martin Defries.

His comments follow last month’s remarks from Namco Bandai Partners VP Olivier Comte, who told MCV that games prices are too high.

He also said the industry needs more collaboration between publishers and platform holders as they search for new sources of revenue.

The story provoked intense debate on MCVUK.com, and now Rising Star’s MD Martin Defries has praised Comte’s comments, calling for more publishers to join the cause.

I applaud that Olivier has stimulated such a public debate and for his call to action by publishers,” he said. We unquestionably need to develop a plan B.

His point that the gaming industry has merely a one shot source of revenues is a long standing concern – one that could be solved if publishers were party to some of the income generated by the trade-in market.

It would appear to me that the delivery of less content at lower prices is a likely future.”

Comte suggested the typical RRP for games could be lowered to 20 if gameplay length was reduced to four to five hours, but the Rising Star boss warned that games must maintain their length and quality.

If the debate polarises to merely achieving lower retail prices by combining value for money with the proposed number of gameplay hours then we’re heading in the wrong direction,” said Defries.

Any good game – or any entertainment product – is worth its weight in gold if the playing experience is enjoyable and compelling.”

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