Saints Row: The Third gets standalone superhero expansion

At times of trouble, all publishers turn to their most reliable IP – and this is exactly what THQ is doing with the announcement of a brand new expansion Saints Row: The Third.

Called Enter the Dominatrix, the retail release adds what THQ describes as the most requested gameplay features from the Saints Row community” – superhero powers.

Furthermore, the game will be completely standalone and not require an original copy of Saints Row: The Third to run.

Faster than a speeding cyber jetbike, more powerful than a roided-out Luchadore, able to leap flying aircraft carriers in a single bound… That’s the power you’ll find inside the Dominatrix,” THQ’s core games EVP Danny Bilson stated.

Use it for good. Use it for evil. Use it for whatever you want. As always in Saints Row, it’s up to you.”

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