Sega confirms Natal and Move development

The motion control movement has received a very high-profile backer this morning with confirmation that Sega is preparing several” titles across both devices.

However, in news that may not please the publisher’s entire fan base, Sega’s European and North American boss Mike Hayes has said that the publisher sees the pair as a chance to move away from the hardcore gaming fanbase and target the casual ‘party gaming’ audience.

We’ll certainly be supporting both,” he told CVG. We have several games on both Move and Natal that you will see from around the end of this year and into 2011.

In a way, it’s a move away potentially from the core. I think Natal and the Sony Motion Controller allow us to do things that are more about multi, party gaming. That’s what we’re actually getting good at. Mario & Sonic is a multi-party game – but it’s actually good fun.

"Microsoft and Sony are telling us that actually, we don’t have to spend $20 million to get things consumers like, because you can approach things with games that are repetitive fun.”

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