Shattered Memories most important Silent Hill release to date

Konami has described its upcoming title Silent Hill: Shattered Memories as a landmark entry in the survival horror series.

The game is due for release on Wii, PS2 and PSP on February 5th, making it the publisher’s first major release of 2010.

Early reviews for Shattered Memories have been very positive, supporting Konami’s claims that this will continue the success of the long-running horror series.

Product manager Martine Saunders told MCV: The Silent Hill series is one of Konami’s many jewels in its crown, and Shattered Memories is by far the most important advance in the series to date.

Silent Hill is a strong series with excellent recognition. The review scores from the US version are universally high, and the groundswell of opinion from UK press has also been unanimously positive.”

Konami is putting its full marketing weight behind Shattered Memories, hoping that the expected positive reviews will raise awareness of the game’s arrival in the same way the US press did.

The publisher is preparing a strong in-store presence for the game and is in discussions with its movie partners about potential horror tie-ins.

Shattered Memories is based largely on the original Silent Hill but Saunders is keen to stress that the game is much more than a simple port, thanks to some interesting new features added by UK developer Climax.

The key to the game is that it changes constantly,” she explained. While the game shares certain plot similarities with the original PSone title, Shattered Memories is an incredible new take on it.

The game is constantly monitoring the way the user plays the game and responds to situations, and duly adapts to their decisions.

This ‘psyche profiling’ means that characters and situations will differ depending on how the user reacts.

Two different people playing the game will not experience the same reactions as each other, while other smaller differences will play out as the title continues.”

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