Single Bioshock Infinite level has more dialogue than first game

Irrational head Ken Levine has revealed a stark difference in the writing of Bioshock Infinite when compared to the original game in the intense FPS franchise.

"Just one level of BioShock Infinite writing and the character interaction we have is probably three or four times as much writing as in all of BioShock 1," Levine told Eurogamer.

Levine says he’s doing most of the game’s writing himself, and referred to the challenge as overwhelming at times.

"On the other hand it’s a world that I absolutely love to write. Mostly because it’s a new challenge. Thinking how these scenes are going to play out, how we keep them interactive and how you communicate the ideas."

The developer also went out of his way to assure fans that even with all the dialogue, the gameplay hasn’t been sacrificed.

"It would be so much easier just to write tonnes of cut scenes – I could tell the story much more easily. But my gut feeling, which probably comes from being forever changed by playing System Shock 1, is to keep the experience going.”

BioShock Infinite is currently on target for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on October 16th in North America, and October 19th worldwide.

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