Sleeping Dogs developer United Front Games has reportedly shut down

United Front Games has seemingly shut its doors and its early access title has been removed from Steam.

There has been no official confirmation of the studio’s closure, however multiple developers have tweeted that they have lost their jobs, and United Front’s current Steam Early Access title Smash+Grab is no longer available to purchase.

The news first leaked on NeoGaf, however Gamespot has since been able to confirm with a source that the studio has indeed closed.

Best known for Sleeping Dogs the studio has since been working on a variety of projects from being a studio for hire to help on titles such as The Master Chief Collection through to its own idea such as Smash+Grab, which was announced just a few months ago.

Smash+Grab was set to be a 3v3 competitive brawler, where players must loot and steal from shops and other players in order to win the match. Early reception seemed quite poor, with many people being disappointed that it was nothing like Sleeping Dogs, which was arguably the studio’s best work.

Just last week Smash+Grab had a free weekend on Steam, allowing anyone to play it. In hindsight that now looks like one final attempt to salvage something for the studio after the poor initial reception to its new big project.

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