Slightly Mad Studios on Project Cars 2: ‘Realistic-feeling cars isn’t enough. Players demand more.’

Project Cars 2 launches next month on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and Slightly Mad Studios CCO Rod Chong has told MCV how it’s going the extra mile to ensure maximum authenticity for its eager player base. 

"Accuracy and authenticity is key for the Project Cars franchise. For us, our 180-plus cars aren’t just fluff to make it sound as if we have loads of cars in-game. Every single car is built to exacting standards – not only their look, not only that 1:1 graphical representation, but also, and crucially, how they drive. 

"It’s not enough in today’s market to make realistic-feeling cars; players demand more. They want the experience of motorsport, and only drivers who have been in the sport can vouch for the accuracy of 30 touring cars going door to door, or IndyCars going wheel-to-wheel. We have partnerships with Pirelli tyres, drivers, automakers, and all of this is crucial when it comes to the realism of the motorsport experience." 

The studio has also worked hard to secure elite brands for Project Cars 2, such as Porsche and Ferrari.

"One of the more consistent messages we got from fans after the release of Project Cars was for more elite brands in-game," said Chong. "Given Project Cars sold over 2m copies, that message was very loud. Right from day one, the decision was taken that the game would not ship without the addition of elite brands such as Ferrari, and Porsche."

Fortunately, Slightly Mad Studio’s passion for accuracy was a huge help in securing those crucial licensing deals.

"For automotive brands, this kind of dedication to detail really matters; with Slightly Mad Studios, there’s a trust that’s been built-up through the years. Trust that we take their brands seriously, but also faith that we take the representation of their brands in our games just as seriously.

"Getting the Porsche 935 in-game and getting to race it… we live for this stuff, and that kind of passion and knowledge for the heritage of automakers’ racing history does matter to these brands. In our devotion, I think they see an echo of their own commitment and passion."

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