Slimline 160GB PS3 on the cards?

It’s easy to lose track of what new PS3 SKU to expect next, what with all the recent talk of 80GB cancellations and 120GB rumours – but now tech site


is claiming to have the scoop on a brand new slimline PS3.

Claiming to have word from a ‘particularly well-informed insider’, it claims the new machine (T3’s interpretation is pictured) is substantially smaller and packs a massive 160BG hard drive – nearly three times the size of the launch 60GB machine and four times the size of the current 40GB console.

A SCEE spokesperson told MCV that the rumour was simply "rumour and speculation".

Admittedly, Sony has always redesigned and slimmed down its machines after a time on the market – with the launch of the PSP Slim & Lite being the most recent.

But is such a move likely this early in the PS3’s life-cycle? Time will tell.

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