Our source insists new 'box with improved Kinect features is prototyped and in the wild

So who DOES have next-gen Xbox?

EA has denied it, and E3 reveal speculation may be jumping the gun, but Develop’s top-level games developer source insists a new Xbox prototype does exist.

So that just begs the question – who does have one?

The snarky answer to that is ‘no one’ – but our man attests that developers have been allowed to see improved features that upgrade the device’s current capabilities.

Specifics include a speedier and enhanced interface with its successful Kinect controller that means the camera kit is more responsive.

Previous rumours have also said Microsoft has a new disc format to add to the machine.

Any company that has been granted access or ownership (temporary or otherwise) to such a devkit will be honour bound to deny it.

But Microsoft is working on a new console, as proven by this job listing.

And third-party developers, both in-house and independent, will want as much access as possible to such devices to make sure they are ready for launch.

In fact, Develop knows of at least two franchises in Europe currently undergoing production with new consoles in mind – so a next generation is coming, whether publishers and console manufacturers want us to know about it or not.

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