Sold Out goes on new adventures with Strange Brigade and Jurassic World Evolution physical releases

UK publisher Sold Out today announced two additional physical releases for its 2018 slate. Both are UK-developed titles and both could be big hits at retail.

Strange Brigade is the first, with the announcement of Sold Out’s physical version of the game coming alongside a release date reveal of August 28th from Rebellion. Alongside the standard physical releases, Sold Out will also be handling the Collector’s Edition, which comes complete with a Steelbook case, additional DLC weapons, and an art book.

Strange Brigade is a rip-roaring adventure into exotic 1930s Egypt – a pith-helmet wearing, boys-own escapade into mummified peril. With a campaign for one to four players, it looks to provide a third-person take on the kind of multiplayer fun that Left 4 Dead is famous for.

The company has also announced a physical version of Frontier’s upcoming Jurassic World Evolution – which takes the theme park management genre to its ultimate location, the most dangerous and thrilling theme park of them all. This is most fitting match of developer and brand we’ve seen in many years. And the strngth of the Jurassic name should bring a big audience to what can be seen as a more niche genre on consoles.

“2018 is really gaining momentum for Sold Out and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon,” said Sarah Hoeksma, Marketing Director at Sold Out. “We have a growing portfolio with some of the most anticipated physical releases and we’re also signing more digital titles, to create a really exciting line-up featuring a broad genre of games.” 

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