Sony: 160GB PS3 is limited edition

SCEE boss David Reeves has revealed that the newly-announced 160GB PS3 is a ‘limited edition’ trial SKU – and that there will be no further changes to Sony’s hardware offering ahead of peak period.

Following a Leipzig Games Convention packed with new announcements, the firm confirmed to MCV this past week that the new PSP 3000 will hit UK retail for 149.99 on October 15th, with the new 160GB PS3 to follow on October 31st for 339.99.

But Sony said that the new improved PS3 is designed to test demand for a higher-priced, higher-spec version.

The 160GB is a limited edition that we’re doing to see how it goes in all the territories,” SCEE president David Reeves told MCV. If you look at the reaction on MCV’s website, people are responding to the news by saying ‘I want a 500GB PS3′, but other people are saying ‘I haven’t filled up any of my hard drive’.”

When asked whether Sony had finalised its hardware SKU line-up ahead of peak period, he added: That is the line-up for the year.”

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