Head-mounted device to cost £799.99

Sony 3D headset to launch in UK by December

Sony’s unique stereoscopic 3D headset will be available in the UK from December 8th, Develop understands.

The unusual head-mounted viewing display is set to launch in Japan on November 11th, but Sony is already promoting the device in the west.

The firm’s UK retail arm, Sony Centre, has priced the HMZ-T1 model at £799.99.

And PlayStation games have been placed at the centre of Sony’s new marketing strategy for the peripheral, with titles such as Uncharted 3 featuring in promotional art.

Sony recently paraded its new Head Mounted Display (pictured) in Japan, but the device generated interest across Europe and the US.

The Head Mounted Display allows customers to be immersed in a ‘full 3D’ experience by wrapping headphones and two OLED screens around the user’s head.

Further images of the device can be found here

The HMZ-T1 displays both 2D and 3D content in high-definition at a resolution of 1280×720. The headphones integrate “5.1 surround sound”.

Sony claims the experience is in scale to watching a 750-inch screen from a distance of 20 metres.

The PlayStation firm has renewed its push in 3D by launching 3D-capable devices at less-than-premium prices.

As well as the HMZ-T1, Sony is releasing a €499 3D monitor bundled with two pairs of glasses and a free game.

A Deloitte survey recently found that just 2 per cent of British consumers are planning to buy a 3D-enabled TV set in the next year. Meanwhile, publishing groups such as EA have said they will put their 3D efforts on hold.

Sony has always claimed that early uptake for 3D TV is faster than it was with HDTV.

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