Sony admits Vita memory card misjudgement

The UK MD of Sony has admitted that Sony should have made higher capacity Vita memory cards available in Europe at launch.

On the High Street right now the 16GB SKUs are already becoming hard to track down, leaving gamers to choose between the 4GB and 8GB versions.

Some overseas retailers are offering the 32GB SKU, though costs are upwards of 70 per unit. It’s not yet known when the 32GB card will be released in Europe.

We’ve already learnt from the early days in Japan that we probably haven’t got big enough memory cards introduced for the UK market,” Fergal Gara told Eurogamer. We’ve already gone to secure bigger size cards to bring them into the UK market.

Before it comes to market you just have to guess what people are going to want. We thought they’d want a lot of 4GB cards just as the minimum, and then they buy packaged media. But actually, the way it’s going is, many of the early adopters are clearly going to download a bit more, or just want to buy the big chip in case.

It’s going to evolve. But we can certainly see they want bigger cards.”

Vita games are not particularly small in size, either. The biggest release so far seems to be FIFA Football, which weighs in at over 2.8GB. Even smaller games like Super Stardust are in excess of 600MB in size, meaning memory cards are filling up very quickly.

UPDATE: As pointed out by an MCV reader, Uncharted: Golden Abyss is around 3.4GB in size to download.

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