Aliens vs Predator developer Rebellion glad to see better regulation on Minis store

Sony â??will avoid App Storeâ??s utter release chaosâ??

On the day that the PSP Minis store opens for business, a veteran UK developer has proclaimed Sony’s new digital service as a key destination for developers.

Speaking in a Develop Panel, Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley proclaimed that the new store for sub-100MB games will greatly benefit by Sony’s gating process.

“I believe Sony will help avoid the utter release chaos that is on the Apple formats by being a bit careful about quality and technical standards,” he said.

“Hopefully the signal to noise ratio on the PSP will be much higher.”

Rebellion has in the past held strong ties with Sony, having released numerous UMD-based games throughout the evolution of the PSP.

Kingsley – who’s currently overseeing its 360, PC and PS3 project Aliens vs Predator, as well as “other AAA titles” – also revealed that he plans to look at the studio’s past games to see if there’s a possibility to bring them back as digital titles.

“We’re planning to find some time to look to our game IP heritage and smaller titles for PSPgo,” he said.

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