Sony France runs Vita "four breasts" ad

The French arm of Sony Computer Entertainment has published a PlayStation Vita ad that certainly pushes the boundaries of sexism.

The magazine ad, which was spotted by Kotaku, compares the Vita with its front touchscreen and rear touchpad functionality to a woman with four breasts.

The tag line is "Touch both sides, twice the sensations”. You can see the ad below.

On the face of it the ad is quite clever and certainly would do a good job of accurately reaching the target market. And lest we forget, the sensibilities of our French amis are typically somewhat less reserved than we’re accustomed to on this side of the channel.

But nonetheless, in the current climate where sexism in the games industry is one of the hot topics of the year, it’s certainly a risk to run with such a creative.

It is therefore appropriate then that a Sony UK rep told MCV the ad is not something that would necessarily be considered for the UK market and that each European territory office has a degree of flexibility in their marketing approach.

What is considered appropriate in one country or territory would not be in another. Common sense, really.

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