Further Android devices could be supported, SCE chief Hirai claims

Sony ‘in talks’ to expand PlayStation Suite

Sony’s PlayStation Suite development tools could soon support a wider range of Android devices, and possibly other smartphone platforms, SCE chairman Kaz Hirai has said.

The Suite SDK, due for limited release next month, will allow developers to port the same game builds to Android devices as well as certain PlayStation hardware.

Yet so far Android OS support is limited to Sony devices, such as the game smartphone Xperia Play, as well as the new range of ‘PlayStation Certified’ tablets.

Hirai said this policy could change, with his firm “in discussions with non-Sony companies to bring them on board", as quoted by Engadget.

Smartphone manufacturers Samsung and HTC build many of the most popular Android platforms. It is possible Hirai was also referring to smartphone operating systems beyond Android, such as RIM’s BBX or Apple’s iOS, though this was not made clear.

Speaking to a packed audience at the AsiaD conference yesterday, Hirai said the Suite "isn’t an ecosystem where we want to keep everything within the Sony family”.

PlayStation Suite will not support PS Vita during its initial launch in November, Sony recently said.

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