Neil Young highlights Microsoft as the strongest platform holder

Sony ‘in trouble’ in hardware space, says ngmoco boss

The founder of mobile gaming outfit ngmoco has suggested that Sony’s position in the hardware space is weak in contrast to its contemporaries Microsoft and Nintendo.

Speaking to IndustryGamers, Neil Young said he believed Sony is ‘in trouble’ insofar as console platforms are concerned, and pointed to Microsoft as the platform holder with the strongest future.

"In the hardware world, I think Sony’s massively out of position. I think they’re in trouble. I think Microsoft’s in much better shape," stated Young.

"They understand cloud computing; the Xbox Live service is a world-class service, and they’ve got a foothold in mobile, albeit a tenuous one. I think they’re in better shape," he added, before turning his attention to Nintendo.

"I think Nintendo always has the benefit of its franchises, but I don’t think it ends up being a really rich ecosystem for third parties," said the ngmoco CEO.

With the form the forthcoming consoles will take currently a relative mystery, which platform holder will enter the next generation in the strongest position is becoming an increasingly important topic.

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