SCEA exec says bitesize games offering "has gone OK" but questions viability

Sony mulls Minis concerns

Sony Computer Entertainment America’s senior vice president of publisher relations has revealed in a candid interview that more can be done to make a success of the downloadable PSP Minis games. The Minis titles were established as an alternative to the likes of iPhone Apps and DSiWare releases.

Speaking to Gamasutra, Rob Dyer revealed that he feels the Minis have not yet met with their full potential: "I think it’s gone okay. My concern with Minis always has been if you have a PSP or a PS3, do you want to play small bite-sized games like that? I think the jury’s still out. I think in some instances they do, and some instances they don’t."

Dyer also revealed concern that too many Minis titles are simply ported from iPhone, without enough done to re-appropriate them for the specifics of the PSP platform. However, Dyer did praise the efforts of Sony’s European team with regard to working with developers in the mobile sector to interest the studios in creating Minis games.

"We’ve got to continue," stated Dyer, later saying of the Minis initiative: "It’s not like you have to spend a lot more money in order to get something that has a lot more impact for the platform."

Downloadable Mini’s games are only available in a special section of the PlayStation Store, and must have a file size of under 100mb to qualify.

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